We are a small group of Kubernetes enthusiasts tired of never-ending battle against bureaucracy and complicated processes when trying to setup a Kubernetes environment for development, testing and even production purposes in almost all big corporations of our present customers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the whole cluster in a standalone box on a developer’s desk to have full control about it? When we say cluster we don’t mean the Minishift or some demo-cluster composed of several single-board computers equipped with unreliable SD cards and powered by a cheap USB charger. We mean the really usable, production-grade cluster. In short, the maximum we can assemble into a 30x30x30cm box (that goes together with the IKEA Kalax system).

The killer feature is, however, an outdoor and/or on-premise usage:
⇢ off-grid sensor data processing
⇢ local data processing where the cloud is not an option (monitoring home appliances, factory machines, etc.)
⇢ any on premise use case, mainly transformation of existing (outdated) IT applications to adopt modern container-based architecture

Currently, we are searching for investors to be able to offer our solution as a fully supported product and continue with its evolution. Do you want to know our future plans?
If so, contact us!

Besides of the cluster qualities and reliability we also focus on simplicity of provisioning. Curious? See the specs!